• Ultimate Zip Tile


    Ultimate Zip-Tile
    Our rolled rubber flooring is also available in a revolutionary interlocking tile format.
    EASY Installation
    Easy to Clean
    American Made
    CUSTOM Color
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    Ultimate Zip-Tiles are interlocking rubber floor tiles engineered so precisely that the intricate interlocking pattern nearly disappears as the tiles are installed. The result is the appearance of a monolithic surface accomplished with the ease of installing interlocking tiles.
    Standard Products
    Ultimate RB maintains a substantial inventory of 28.5″ X 28.5″ (5.64 sq. ft.) Zip-Tiles in thicknesses including 8 MM and 9.5 MM.

    Standard Product Colors
    In addition to black, our inventory of standard products includes Ultimate RB Zip-Tiles in Grey, Blue, Red, Green, Blue/Gray, Cocoa/Eggshell, and Yellow (see below). The color concentration of the standard tiles is 17%