• Spirit Fitness MS 350 Medical Recumbent Stepper


    Spirit Medical Systems Recumbent Stepper with Wheelchair Access – The MS350 Medical Recumbent Stepper by Spirit Fitness is a semi-recumbent step machine with a removable seat allowing use by wheelchair patients in medical and specialized care applications for muscular and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and physical therapy. Patients can experience full body exercise through coordinated, linear, and natural 1:1 leg and arm motion. Self-adjustable stroke length accommodates patients’ specific range of motion capabilities, providing low impact movement for knees, ankles, and hips in a safe semi-recumbent position. Versatile for different training emphasis, the MS350’s unique quadrilateral exercise pattern allows users to selectively distribute different extent of exercise efforts across their four limbs. Limbs that input more force can efficiently lead less involved limbs to functional movements and maintain elevated heart rate. A low inertia starting at 5 watts translates to smoothness; the work rate can increase up to 750 watts, accompanied by different step speeds of the users choice.
    The MS350 Medical Stepper offers a unique advantage over the standard model MS300 in that the adjustable seat can be removed for wheelchair access. Once the seat is removed, a wheelchair can be rolled from the rear over the base frame platform, coming to a stop towards the front half of the machine to allow access to handles and pedals. Front wheels of the wheelchair are then secured on both sides by fastening straps attached to the lower frame to ensure safety and avoid any movement during exercise. This allows wheelchair-bound patients easy access to the cardio machine without need for physical transfer from a wheelchair to a fixed seat. The MS350 allows patient warm-up before a physical therapy session as well as cardiovascular exercise. Therapists can have the patient pedal to improve range of motion after surgery in the knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, or wrists. If a patient does not have use of the legs, the arms can be used alone without having to engage the stepping motion with the feet to still provide upper body strengthening and cardiopulmonary workload. Because the MS350 can be used with either a seat or with a wheelchair, it is also a great choice of cardio exercise equipment outside of medical applications for users with limited mobility or active aging exercisers, especially in assisted living facilities for seniors.
    Spirit Medical Systems Group, the medical division of Spirit Fitness, offers a full series of medical-grade cardio equipment including bi-directional treadmills, recumbent steppers, upright ergometer bikes, and recumbent ergometer bikes. Spirit medical cardio machines offer specialized functionality, ergonomics, programmability, and accessibility designed to meet the needs of both doctors and patients alike. In addition to standard hospital and physical therapy application, Spirit Medical Systems treadmills, steppers, and cycle ergometers are ideally suited for use in Veteran Affairs medical centers (VAMC), university research hospitals, Wounded Warrior care centers, sports rehabilitation centers, neurological clinics, elderly care facilities, and pediatric treatment centers.
    Purchase Spirit Fitness Commercial Medical Recumbent Step Machines on GSA contract – All Spirit Fitness Medical Series cardio equipment can be purchased from IRON COMPANY┬« on GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS Contract 4-12-78-0066A.
    Step-through frame design
    360 degree full seat rotation
    Removable seat for direct wheelchair access
    Linked upper and lower body linear pattern
    Natural Motion: 1:1 leg to arm ratio
    Upper Body Movement: Arms can be used alone without stepping with feet
    Adjustable position handles: With articulating hand grips
    Cushioned footplates: With stabilization straps
    Adjustable step range: From 1 inch to 12.5 inches
    Self adjustable step length: Allows patients to pedal in smaller range of knee motion, from 5 degrees to full range
    Resistance mode: Isokinetic – Step speeds from 10 to 210 steps/minute
    Low inertia: Starting resistance of 5 watts
    Work Rate: Range from under 5 watts up to 750 watts
    Heart rate monitoring: Both handle held and telemetry
    Multiple seat adjustments: 8 position swivel seat with seat belt for patient safety and ease of patient ingress and egress | 6 position recline seat back for hip angle adjustments | Fore/aft patient positioning
    User height range: Indexed seat positioning accommodates users from 4’10” to 6’7″
    Intuitive interface for ease of operation
    Large, easy-to-read displays: Time, Speed (steps per minute), Step Length, Step Count, Watts, Calories, METs, Heart Rate, Resistance Level, Symmetry, and much more
    Programs include: Manual, Hill, Plateau, Interval, Facility, HR, Symmetry, Patient Set Up
    Unique Symmetry program: Measures and displays power throughout the pedal stroke. Biofeedback encourages patients to maintain power between right and left side
    Graphic bio-feedback display: If measuring arms only the graph and power readings will be reversed
    Measurement of Bi-Lateral Power: Example: “Left 41 watts – Right 34 watts”
    Isokinetic resistance: Safe and accommodating resistance that is patient determined throughout the entire range of motion
    Power Train: Heavy duty, 8 groove poly-v belt for smooth, quiet operation. The foot pedal assembly rides on high-end linear bearings and guides
    Braking Device: Eddy Current Brake (Quiet, frictionless and maintenance free). Small flywheel mass ensures a minimum starting torque providing low inertia
    Advantages and Clinical Applications
    Combined upper and lower body movements: Provides full body workout, building strength and range-of-motion and utilizing wellness programs to increase longevity
    Dependently linked, linear motion pedals: Enables users to self-adjust the stroke length to accommodate their range-of-motion capabilities
    Closed kinetic chain: Provides low impact movement with minimal stress on knees, ankles, hips and low back in a safe and comfortable semi-recumbent position
    Quadrilateral exercise pattern: Allows users to distribute the exercise efforts across four limbs. By reducing the effort from the involved limb and transferring a greater effort to the uninvolved limbs, they will maintain an elevated heart rate to achieve exercise potential.
    Applications include: Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, Neurological, and Cardiac Rehabilitation as well as Senior Rehab and Wellness Training
    OPTIONAL Accessories:
    MA902 Lower Body Lateral Stabilizer: The Bi-Lateral Calf Support Component offers advanced support for patients experiencing lower body deficiencies or weaknesses that require additional leg and foot alignment to achieve maximal results. The MA902 offers the following features:
    Sold as a set (pair)
    Features attachment just below the knee, thereby eliminating any knee torque
    Fully adjustable to keep the lower limb in proper alignment
    Pivoting allows the ankle to move freely in its normal path
    Minimizes lower limb adduction or abduction
    Lightweight yet durable construction
    Easy attachment and removal on footplate assembly