• Fitness Bars


    Fitness Bars
    Raise the bar for a simple, effective workout in your own home. Available in 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30 and 36 lb. increments.
    Model: BSTFB

    BSTFB4 Body-Solid Fitness Bars4lb. Fitness Bar – Orange (BSTFB4) Request a Quote
    BSTFB6 Body-Solid Fitness Bars6lb. Fitness Bar – Lt. Purple (BSTFB6) Request a Quote
    BSTFB9 Body-Solid Fitness Bars9lb. Fitness Bar – Yellow (BSTFB9) Request a Quote
    BSTFB12 Body-Solid Fitness Bars12lb. Fitness Bar – Green (BSTFB12) Request a Quote
    BSTFB15 Body-Solid Fitness Bars15lb. Fitness Bar – Red (BSTFB15) Request a Quote
    BSTFB18 Body-Solid Fitness Bars18lb. Fitness Bar – Blue (BSTFB18) Request a Quote
    BSTFB24 Body-Solid Fitness Bars24lb. Fitness Bar – Dark Purple (BSTFB24) Request a Quote
    BSTFB30 Body-Solid Fitness Bars30lb. Fitness Bar – Magenta (BSTFB30) Request a Quote
    BSTFB36 Body-Solid Fitness Bars36lb. Fitness Bar – Gray (BSTFB36) Request a Quote

    You don’t need a basement full of awkward barbells and dumbbells to take advantage of the many benefits of traditional weightlifting exercises. With Body Solid Tools Exercise Bars, fitness is always within easy reach, because they can quickly and easily be stored away in a closet. Body Solid gives exercise bars a fresh modern look and user-friendly features:
    Durable rubber construction is easy to grip and easy to clean.
    Rubber end caps are color-coded by weight, so you can grab just the right weight for your chosen workout.
    Perfect for a variety of personal or group exercises, including physical therapy, aerobics, yoga and Pilates
    Ideal for incrementally resistive exercise programs to increase stability, develop core strength and build endurance.
    Incremental weights between 4lbs and 36lbs. let you vary the intensity of your routines.
    Weight designations are permanently embossed onto end caps, so sweat and cleaning will not wear them off.

    Durable rubber construction.
    Weight designations permanently stamped into color-coordinated rubber end caps.

    BSTFB4 4lbs. Orange 1.00 in. 48.5 in.

    BSTFB6 6lbs. Lt. Purple 1.05 in. 48.5 in.

    BSTFB9 9lbs. Yellow 1.05 in. 48.5 in.

    BSTFB12 12lbs. Green 1.05 in. 48.5 in.

    BSTFB15 15bs. Red 1.20 in. 48.5 in.

    BSTFB18 18lbs. Blue 1.25 in. 48.5 in.

    BSTFB24 24lbs. Dk. Purple 1.50 in. 48.5 in.

    BSTFB30 30lbs. Magenta 1.55 in. 59.5 in.

    BSTFB36 36lbs. Lt. Grey 1.55 in. 71.5 in.