• Cap Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells -SDG


    Product Description
    A single CAP Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell is ideal for beginners, intermediates and expert weightlifters. The dumbbells are available in a variety of weight sizes and are respectively marked at their ends for easy distinction. Beginners can start with as low as a 1-lb dumbbell and move on to heavier dumbbells accordingly. Intermediates and experts can start with the weight that they are currently accustomed to. CAP cast iron dumbbells are made of solid cast iron, making them durable and productive for many workouts to come. You can strengthen your upper body by working out your triceps, forearms, biceps, back, chest and shoulders. The hexagon-shaped ends of these dumbbells prevent them from rolling so that they are easy on the floor and can also be stored conveniently. Each dumbbell comes in a semi-gloss finish to help prevent rust and complement the décor of any gym.
    CAP cast iron dumbbell can be used to strengthen all muscle groups
    Hexagon-shaped ends prevent dumbbells from rolling
    Easy storage
    Semi-gloss finish prevents rusting and complements the décor of any gym
    Made of solid cast iron
    Available in a variety of weights 1 lb up to 115 lb
    Beginners can begin with as low as a 1-lb dumbbell